We’re here to help you take control of your health. We have a range of specific services that will put you on the front foot with your wellbeing, catching potentially serious health issues before they become a problem.

Shape My Health | Stand Alone Tests and Assessments

Stand Alone Tests and Assessments

We have a range of options that can either be booked directly or added to our health assessment programmes. Where required, a referral to MySkin may be offered for a skin lesion review. We also have a psychology team as part of our complete healthcare offer.

Shape My Health – Follow-up
$195 NZD

Specialist – New appointment
from $395 NZD

Specialist – Follow-up
from $195 NZD

$165 NZD

from $90 NZD

Chronic Fatigue Assessment
from $195 NZD

ECG Report
$60 NZD

24hr Blood Pressure Monitor
from $100 NZD

Sleep Apnoea Assessment
$300 NZD

$75 NZD

Screening Blood Test
$97 NZD

$520 NZD

Holter Monitor – 24 hours
$340 NZD

Holter Monitor – 72 hours
$400 NZD

Holter Monitor – 7 days
$500 NZD

Exercise Treadmill Testing
$495 NZD

We’d love to help you
take control of a healthy
future right now.